Why the importance of Chatbots?

The importance of chatbots is to support and scale business teams in their relationships with customers. Doing this helps businesses save a lot of money which is why many business owners are adopting this technology, given the fact that these bots can be placed in places like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, SMS based, or on your own website gives you the potential to reach a bigger audience.

Chatbot for website?

Chatbots can integrate with the website LiveChat and Messenging apps such as FB Messenger, you can add bots to websites with a couple of clicks using integrations.

Create chatbot without code?

There are two types of bots: the first function on the basis of a set of rules, and the second one uses machine learning. This means that the first type responds exclusively to very specific command. The second are chatbots build with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These bots understand human language, not a set of commands.

Chatbot to human handoff?

Chatbots don't replace humans, they enhance their performance. There are key scenarios in which transferring the conversation to a human agent is essential or extremely advantageous. There are times you need that human touch to reach the best possible outcome for the customer.

Chatbot vs virtual assistant?

Chatbots are generally used as information acquisition interfaces, such as extracting product details. Virtual assistants can assist in conducting business, like reminding you of meetings, managing your to-do lists.

Best chatbot platforms?

The popular chatbot publishing platforms are FB Messenger, Kik, Slack, Telegram, and WeChat. A chatbot publishing platform is a medium through which the chatbot can be accessed and used by the users. Yarnly partners with a number of third party applications to host a brand's chatbot design.

Chatbot Statistics 2020?

74% of users prefer chatbots while looking for answers to simple questions. (PSFK)⁣

65% of consumers feel comfortable handling an issue without a human agent. (Adweek)⁣

69% of consumers prefer to use chatbots because they deliver quick answers to simple questions. (Salesforce)⁣

40% of buyers don’t care if they are served by a bot or a human agent, as long as they get the support they need. (HubSpot)

Chatbots and Zapier?

Main benefits of using Zapier integration:⁣
⁣Connect your chatbot with your favorite app without writing a line of code.⁣
Automate daily tasks such as adding new customers, sending email and text messages and much more.⁣
⁣Zapier integrates with hundreds of apps. Open your chatbot to these possibilities.

The benefit of chatbot marketing?

If you’re like many businesses, you probably don’t have the manpower or the time to do as much proactive customer engagement as you want. But by using chatbots to send follow-up messages, you can:⁣
⁣Ensure buyers are satisfied with their purchase by sending routine follow-up messages ⁣
⁣Announce new products and/or services that are coming down the pipeline 3) Wish people a happy birthday and pair it with a special discount offer to help drive sales

How chatbots help in lead generation?

If you look at the retail space as an example, then chatbots can really aid in moving people through the sales funnel. What may just be a brief, polite exchange between a human and a person could be so much more with a “well-trained” chatbot. ⁣

For example, a chatbot could instantly suggest products or specials to people who have asked a specific question relating to them. By storing more and more data gained from these interactions, chatbots can access this data and provide smarter responses. Chatbots can ask leads qualifying questions at the outset in a much faster, more accurate way!

Can a chatbot send a email?

Yes, you sure can do it via an omnichannel solution. Omnichannel platforms integrate different digital channels so that you can perform digital marketing activities from chatbot actions!

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